The Kitchen goes Coast Camping! (Campfire Orange Rolls)


The Kitchen goes Coast Camping

I grew up camping in the Rocky Mountains, usually on the shores of crystal clear, icy cold mountain lakes from which we pulled silvery rainbow trout that we promptly cleaned and cooked up for dinner.

Central Oregon living brings camping options galore! But my heart is drawn to the sea…

This past weekend, we packed up the truck, the kids, the dog, and of course, the food, and headed west to the coast. Rain forest campsite, sand just around the bend, crisp cool salt air, fresh blackberries from the brambles, a little campfire food and my soul is restored!

Our favorite dessert this weekend?  These tasty cinnamon rolls!
In this kitchen, we cook as many items from scratch as possible, but when the kitchen goes camping, there are a few things that just cannot be made that way.
Trader Joe’s cinnamon rolls in a can are a decent substitute for the homemade ones. Tucked into fresh orange halves, wrapped in aluminum foil and baked next to the coals, these light, fluffy rolls are the perfect ending to a day in God’s beautiful Creation!

Campfire Orange Rolls

One can pre-made cinnamon rolls- any flavor (we used orange)
4 oranges

Using a sharp knife, cut each orange in half.  Carefully remove flesh of each half, without piercing rind.

Open can of pre-made rolls and place one roll in each half.  Wrap orange halves in aluminum foil, tenting foil around the top of orange rolls to allow space for the roll to rise as it bakes.

Place orange rolls around edge of fire, being careful not to allow flame to touch the aluminum foil as it will burn the rolls.  Cook orange rolls for approximately 30 minutes, rotating occasionally.

Remove from fire and frost as desired with frosting provided from can.