Recipe Box

kiCH(ə)n/: noun: a room or area where food is prepared and cooked.

A room that evokes warmth, fullness, memories of friends and family, laughter, savory smells, rich colors of fresh food…

The spot where everyone always seems to gather, no matter how much room there is elsewhere in the house. Where conversation that crosses all boundaries flows.

The initial place that fresh ingredients arrive-plucked ripe from the garden, brought in round and warm from the coop, sloshing gently white in the milk bucket.

Meals are the first thing we bring when life brings joy or breaks hard.

Nourishment and feasting are deeply inherent to our faith. Jesus fished and feasted with His disciples, His family, His friends, and when we sit with our Father again, it will be at supper in our new home.

In this kitchen, you will find all these things- home raised, fresh from scratch ingredients, rich, messy, family life, a simple faith that seeks to know Jesus and serve Him well, friends from all walks of life…

No need to knock! The door is always open…

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